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Creating Positive Futures (CPF) is a Brisbane-based social outcome focussed organisation. A social impact and community and industry partnership company. CPF formed in 2018 to strategically align with Australian and Queensland Government Housing Strategy goals, to deliver jobs, training and housing outcomes for disadvantaged people living in Australia through a series of partners. These partners deliver best-of-bread ‘triple bottom-line’ social and affordable housing designs and community solutions that create more sustainable jobs, skills and training opportunities for struggling Australians who need both hope and opportunity. This is a core deliverable of the company.

CPF is a collective social impact company that believes success can be achieved through people and place-based solutions. We have proven partners in design and social impact capabilities that deliver quality, affordable and specialised housing design solutions for those in our community who are disabled, disadvantaged and domestic violence victims. Our partners are centred on employing and providing skill development opportunities to disadvantaged people (a social enterprise).

We leverage housing and community solutions partners with strengths in project management, design and construction. These capabilities are underpinned by a strict adherence to social impact value principles and practices, which engender community spirit, engagement and respect. CPF harnesses the cumulative knowledge and expertise from motivated, like minded and trusted community and industry partners to create jobs and training through the design sustainable homes for marginalised, disadvantaged and disabled people that are focused on the delivery of outcomes ‘On Time, On Budget, Safely — with quality’.


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Our partners public and social housing planning, design solutions for high-rise and low-rise homes aim to deliver “triple bottom line” outcomes, to optimise social and financial returns for Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). CPF partner’s provide more long term sustainable housing through planning and design focused on functionality (i.e., designed for client need), comfort, enjoyment and cost savings (i.e. efficient energy / water use and low maintenance) for home sites that are strategically located near key transport, recreational, health and employment hubs. Our SRI model integrates Australian / Queensland Government policy objectives to harnesses industry best practice in housing design solutions for specific client needs.


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A key discriminator for CPF-SRI delivery model is our integrated social impact approach which leverages Australia’s public/social/SDA-NDIS housing demand to create a pipeline of projects that will provide opportunity, mentoring, education, industry-based training and skills for people in some of the most challenging employment scenarios (e.g., unemployed public housing tenants, long-term unemployed, Indigenous Australians, domestic violence victims, new Australians from refugee backgrounds, prisoners, ex-prisoners, etc.). Our integrated social impact solution delivers a sustainable career pathway for un-employed Australians to become highly-productive members of our community.


Chairman of Fair Go Australia and CPF Director, John Godwin, has pulled together a group of like-minded people from the built environment, community, employment services and social enterprise sectors to provide a program of hope, opportunity, education, training and mentoring for disadvantaged Australians. The program enables these to secure, then learn, grow and prosper in a sustainable job through Australian and Queensland Government investment in social / NDIS housing programs. “Knowledge is power. Empowerment is an equaliser. Education, mentoring, training and industry skills ,that are in high demand, are the greatest enabler for people who want to secure a good job that sets them on a more fulfilling and productive career pathway, where they can in turn more fully contribute to the community,” Mr Godwin said.


John Godwin – co-founder (& Managing Director of Fair Go Australia)

Tim Treby – builder nominee (& Director of TT Services)

Luke Rowinson – co-founder (now Director of Rowlinson Architects Pty Ltd)