We create better communities, by investing in opportunities that create more job outcomes for people.

In Australia there are many thousands of marginalised people who with a little help can make a great career. They just need a hand up, an opportunity to show their talents and build their skills. Through a combination of means Creating Positive Futures create opportunities for people. CPF and its partners in architecture and construction industries build people up, by designing more opportunities into each and every project. Our aim in every project we contribute to is to use proven and impactful social enterprise pathways.

Established in 2017, Creating Positive Futures mission is to create more sustainable futures for our neighbours in the communities we live in, through creating better places to live. This grew from a few ideas the founders involvement in Fair Go Australia. Fair Go Australia is a remarkable charitable organisation that is providing mentoring for at risk young people. The people of Fair go aim to provide a hand up not a hand out and they do this is a unique and effective way. Each year hundreds graduate the programs of Fair Go onto a pathway to a future of their own design, with more courage and self-esteem.

Taking the mentoring role into career pathways was a natural progression, inspired by the many years of work previously seen in yourtown programs around the country. CPF’s triple bottom line economic metrics and targets further focus each project to deliver on its mandate to impact the lives of more people by providing more job pathways.

CPF’s vision is to see more people previously overlooked have an opportunity, through the creation of inclusive home designs that design in more job pathway opportunities through our partners and in turn create better communities. Perhaps even give someone the opportunity to create their own homes one day.